Monday, April 2, 2012

Spanking Cruises

Have any of you ever been spanked on a boat or attended a Spanking Cruise? Todd and I have talked on and off about getting a few close spanko friends together and taking a cruise together and enjoying some spanking fun in our adjoining or next door rooms, but wouldn't it be great to have a whole section reserved just for spankos?
What's your thoughts on something like this? Would you need it to be the whole ship of spankos to feel comfortable or would just spanking on your deck or your rooms be fun too?

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Anonymous said...

I would definitely do a spanking cruise because I love water, boats, Sun and spanking which is new for me with the man I thought I'd never meet. I think it' s very exciting to fantasize about being on a boatful of spankos but I am fearful that my lover may find someone who turns him on more or that I will. We'be been together 2 years and I had an open marriage in 70's but never had a man like this who would play sex games like I dreamed of.