Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movie's Spanking Quotes

We were watching the movie 'Fast Five'.. it's like Fast and Furious and Gone in 60 Seconds.. and was a bit loud.. and sometimes a bit unrealistic.. even Vin Diesel can't fall from a moving car and land on the street on a bridge after being shot at, blown up and having wrestled nearly to his death, without ever getting his white tshirt dirty LOL.... but it did have many cute and funny moments and some real characters in it that made it well worth seeing.

One of the lines the made me giggle and Todd squeeze my leg was Tej to Giselle

"Did he smack that ass, or did he grab it?"

Todd and I just looked at each other and smiled.. I love those moments...

Do you have some movie quotes that refer to spanking that you like?

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sixofthebest said...

Quote from the movie. "Roots of Heaven". Morel says to Mr. Orsini, about his wife's upcoming spanking on her bare bottom. "It's not her hair, that's is going to be touched".